Pilots With Disabilities: Jessica Cox, World’s First Armless Pilot! (Season 2, Episode 13)

August 16th, 2021

Jessica Cox, World's first armless pilot! Pilots with disabilities: Her journey and future! She doesn't let anything stop her. Her mission is to help inspire others, especially those with disabilities, that they can "fly" too! We discuss her memorable Oshkosh cross-country journey, her first experiences in an airplane. We also talk about why the Ercoupe was her airplane of choice and her newest airplane project! She's working towards that RV grin. Want inspiration? Want to support Jessica? Listen and find out how you or your aviation community could help her realize her goal of encouraging other pilots with disabilities to keep aiming for the sky! Find Jessica Cox here: Facebook: @JCMSofficial Instagram: @rightfooted Website: www.jessicacox.com

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