Lady Di In The Sky! She wears MANY hats…Is there anything Dianna Klein can’t do? (Season 3, Episode 10)

September 11th, 2022

We are introducing Dianna Klein: Mom, Airline Captain, Air Force Reservist, Mentor, Speaker, and Beauty Pageant Winner! Did we mention she was also a former Zero Gravity pilot? You will hear about that unique adventure! There are many parallels between motherhood and being a pilot. This episode is chock full of advice for everyone.  Dianna shares tidbits and fun facts from her broad array of experiences.  We discuss the benefits of having a backup plan and how each course can lead to new adventures you never imagined possible!

Do you remember your first? Joe Costanza is in the club! Our FIRST male guest: @Bananasssssssss (Season 3, Episode 9)

August 28th, 2022

Joe Costanza is an airline Airbus pilot AND Piper Cub owner.  We chose him to be our first male guest because he loves sharing his love of aviation with his daughters.  He is best known for his beautiful J3 Cub images and videos on Instagram and YouTube.  He also loves to dote on his wife and daughters. He often shares his hangar as an inviting second home to his family and friends. Cheers!

Invisible Sky Film-NTSB investigation into a rising star’s crash. (Season 3, Episode 8)

August 14th, 2022

The family and producers of Invisible Sky Film join us to discuss the April 2006 GA airplane crash of rising star Georgina Joshi.  The family continues to look for answers, unsatisfied with the NTSB's investigation.  Are general aviation accidents investigated as thoroughly as larger, commercial operations? Where are the holes in these investigations? How can they be improved? It is recommended that you get the accident's full story and Georgina's history at

Women Making A Splash! (Season 3, Episode 7)

August 1st, 2022

Let's go to Alaska! Alaska is the perfect spot for a thriving aviation business. Our guest, Missy Lee, from Alaska Floats and Skis shares how she went from being a teacher to the Alaskan pilot life.  Missy works with her dad to support aviation across the world by offering floatplane scholarships, and several courses: bush pilot, floatplane, and mountain flying.  Adding a variety of airplanes and courses, the students become all-around better pilots.  When it's cocktail hour, you can never have too many olives! 

Oshkosh Chatter with Cooper & Natalie! (Season 3, Episode 6)

July 10th, 2022

Join us as we catch up and prepare for Oshkosh, the world's largest airshow! What are our "can't miss" items? We aren't just talking about the airshow! We are also discussing our travels this summer. Why we are more than pilots-we are adventure seekers! Let's share Cooper's milestone (her first peak), our survival kits (and instincts), FREE pilot courses, our personal favorite flight bags, and much more (maybe some things you didn't know)! 

Meet Emily (@emilyattheairport) on this episode! (Season 3, Episode 5)

June 19th, 2022

Emily has been around aviation her entire life. She flies around in her family's 1946 Piper Cub. They just celebrated its 75 year old "birthday." She loves taildraggers..and has found the perfect job that incorporates all of the things she enjoys. She made a big career change in her late 30's and is now managing an FBO. This is a perfect fit for her lifestyle, but it took some time figuring out what she would do with her Private Pilot's License. 

From Hollywood to NYC! Military to corporate helicopter pilot (Season 3, Episode 4)

June 5th, 2022

Stacy Sheard has had quite the career flying helicopters. Her journey began in the military but extended from there to fly for news stations, sightseeing tours, Sikorsky test pilot, and big time LA (she's a member of the Screen Actors Guild)! She flies on the east coast now, mainly over the NYC skyline as a corporate helicopter pilot.  Not only is she a badass helicopter pilot, she has also been instrumental in mentoring those transitioning from the military world to the civilian life in this aviation career field.  You would be surprised what the dress code is….

It’s Andrea Puccinelli, Helicopter Pilot! Season 3, Episode 3

May 15th, 2022

We are welcoming Andrea this week who will discuss what it's like bouncing from country to country, flying helicopters! Andrea has a huge presence all over the world. She is an entrepreneur and helicopter pilot who spends most of her time in the U.S. and Germany.  This episode gives us a perspective on what it's like to fly helicopters in Europe, as well as the U.S.  Andrea has her own special wisdom to share!

Meet the New Cohosts! Season 3, Episode 2

May 1st, 2022

Natalie is joined by her new cohosts Stephannniiiieeeee and Cooper the Pilot! Who are the new female pilots joining the podcast? Our new season has begun and we want you to call all of these women your friends in aviation! Cheers to the new chapter and new season!

Finding our way…The Corporate Contract Pilot life! Season 3, Episode 1

April 18th, 2022

New season, new cohosts, new guests, new topics! Season 3 has officially started! In Season 3's first episode, Natalie "flyGIRL Kelley" updates everyone on her new life as a corporate contract pilot. What do I like about this new position as a contract corporate SIC? What is contract flying or corporate flying all about? How did I get into it? Is it right for you? I am laying it all out there so that you know the ins and outs of this flying career!

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