HEAVY FIRE! Air Force A-10 pilot Kim “KC-Killer Chick” Campbell joins us! (Season 2, Episode 4)

March 15th, 2021

Military A-10 Female Pilot! HEAVY FIRE-THE biggest moment of her career & Why she is Killer Chick! We are talking with Air Force Senior Pilot Kim "KC" Campbell about her big aviation dreams as a child and how she planned her path to flying the A-10! She had been trained for all the scenarios she may encounter while on a mission. While in aerial combat during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003, she took heavy anti-aircraft artillery damage. It took all of her skill, training, and muscle to land safely an hour later. She was promoted to Major in 2006 and received the Distinguished Flying Cross for her actions. Listen to her story and share it with others! Please subscribe for more heroic stories & aviation-related topics.

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